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7th Cav Troopers Outfit
The 7th Cavalry Troopers Outfit is an accurate re-creation of the gunleather worn by Custer's U.S. 7th Cav at the ill-fated Battle of the Little Big Horn in June 25, 1876.  This "three piece" set consists of a standard issue, heavy duty flap holster, a matching ammo pouch and 2" adjustable duty belt with a solid brass, two-piece US buckle plate. Holster design features the correct,  right hand twist draw.   Offered in the old style, antique black finish. 
Troopers Holster ONLY:        $180
3-PC Troopers Outfit:             $370

1875 US Army Cavalry Holster
The Model 1875 US Army Cavalry Holster was the transitional holster of 1875 for the US Cavalry.  The holster was designed to carry both the Colt Single Action Army and the new Schofield revolver, which was used throughout the Indian Wars period of the American West.  This ruggedly constructed holster is true to form of the original of the period and was issued through the turn of the century.  Offered in the old style, antique black finish.
1875 Cavalry Holster ONLY:       $180
1875 Cavalry Outfit:                     $370

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